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Join the growing team of researchers and community scientists who are documenting the biodiversity found in our parks across British Columbia. All you need is a camera or smartphone to get shooting. You can upload your observations when you're back at your favorite wireless signal. 


BC Biodiversity

Help document and celebrate the biodiversity of BC Parks! Every species you upload to iNaturalist from any British Columbia Provincial Park and protected area will be captured in the BC Parks umbrella project. This project is led by the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and BC Parks, with additional support from the BC Conservation Data Centre, the BC Parks Foundation, and the Sitka Foundation.

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Become a Community Scientist!

When you get outside and explore one of BC's Provincial Parks, photograph plants, animals, and fungi, and when you have connectivity, upload them to the iNaturalist app or web platform. It's really that easy to become a Community Scientist! ​


Making & Uploading Your Observations

  1. Turn on location services on your phone or GPS on your camera. If you cannot do that, note the location where you are taking the photo.

  2. Photograph any wild organisms (e.g. plants, animals, fungi) or evidence of wildlife (e.g. tracks, scat). Taking multiple photos of the different parts of the organism from different angles to help with identification.

  3. Open or the iNaturalist app, and upload your photos and the location data. If you can't identify the organism don't worry; someone else probably will.  

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Have Fun, Be Safe!

Have fun!

Be Safe!

Stay on trails

Give wildlife plenty of space

Help Us Grow!

You can contribute to the project by:

  • Uploading observations to iNaturalist.

  • Identifying observations made by other users.

  • Spreading the word to have fun recording wild organisms.

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